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:spit: :eyespin: :eyemove: :heh: :spit: :eyespin: :eyemove: :heh:

Oh I can't recall the systems name right now, but wasn't there a system before, that tried this, and died like a fish in the middle of a desert....

I very much doubt it's true, this kind of speculation and the false crap going around is normally rather fun, puts everyone off the scent....but still imagine iif it was'd not only look like a twat, but feel like one, and people watching you play would get headaches fast :D :smash: :smash: :yippee: :smash:

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I dunno, I play a wait and see attitude.
I don't buy consoles until at least a year after they're released, and with my PS2 purchase this month, I'm not going to buy another console for 2-3 years and it'll probably be a used XBOX to replace my Nintendo 64 which I may give to my girlfriend. *I gave her my Playstation when I purchased the Playstation 2* so why not the Nintendo 64 as well...
But that's 2 to 3 years down the road and it's a guessing gameat this point...
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