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dead links..

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hi on the frontpage lots of the NGEMU network links are dead like NextGL or NullSPU.. etc..
should be removed IMO... ;)
wbr Shin Gouki
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recently i took a "peek" into XML concerning: XPath, XSLT, Xforms and XHTML(not directly related)
lets say this:
-with SVG ( server side generated by XSLT) its possiblew to create websites for users using EVERY Resolution so Cid Highwind, even his 800x600 should be possible ^^
Also u can apply PLENTY of style sheet options to make the side look loke u want XSLT makes it possible!
sadly.. or should i say of course? the browser implementations are lacking.. i think firefox will bring up pretty much good support with next 1.x Version , havn´t heard ANYTHING from IE concerning this..
opera is also quite active.
In fact i believe this is really the Future.. XML gives u all ya need ^^
if u really wanna everything is possible :D
would be very cool if boobi would made a contest for best style sheet on ngemu data that would be cool ^^
wbr Shin Gouki
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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