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(after reading something at Keith's link)
Hmm, I hope you can still use the current layout by then because my monitor can't go higher than 800x600 (if I want to maintain 85Hz).

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Keith said:
Yeah I am also curious if the site is going to get a new design for the next NGEmu version . I noticed Bobbi had a contest as site point but no winner.

Maybe they are waiting to update everything when the next version of the site is ready.
Talking with him last night he said he was very busy with real life, and moving around etc. Its too bad he left that contest for such a while, there were some nice designs submitted.

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recently i took a "peek" into XML concerning: XPath, XSLT, Xforms and XHTML(not directly related)
lets say this:
-with SVG ( server side generated by XSLT) its possiblew to create websites for users using EVERY Resolution so Cid Highwind, even his 800x600 should be possible ^^
Also u can apply PLENTY of style sheet options to make the side look loke u want XSLT makes it possible!
sadly.. or should i say of course? the browser implementations are lacking.. i think firefox will bring up pretty much good support with next 1.x Version , havn´t heard ANYTHING from IE concerning this..
opera is also quite active.
In fact i believe this is really the Future.. XML gives u all ya need ^^
if u really wanna everything is possible :D
would be very cool if boobi would made a contest for best style sheet on ngemu data that would be cool ^^
wbr Shin Gouki
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