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DDR Festival runs mostly fine. The screen kind of bounces up and down, but other than that and a few texture problems, its fine. It only ran at about 3-7FPS and took 20 minutes to beat ONE song. Not playable, but certainly will be when the emulator is able to run at full speed.

It did apparently save to memory card, but I wasn't able to get either of the BIOSes I have to get into the memory card screen properly.

Note how easy it was for me to get perfects. If I wasn't screenshotting I would've got a AAA easily.


Main menu:

Style select:

Character select:

Song select at KYUTEIHANI by ANIME:

Took a long time to get to, but another song select at KI-SE-KI (DDR edit) by Be For U:

Options screen:

1st Stage screen:

Playing song:

Playing song, arrows showing:

Playing song, messed up videos:

More messed up videos:

Song over:

Transition out:

Cleared screen:

Grade screen:

Yay, it works. Now I question if IIDX would work. I'll try that much later, and other games too.

IIDX 7th style did work! :D

And these are my computer specs:
Pentium 4 2.29MHz
Windows XP Pro SP2
GeForce 2 MX 200

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nice timing and this tread belong to the screenshot tread.

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/me has ddr envy....i really need to import this, though the song list isn't as good as ddr extreme jp, its still a ddr I haven't beaten.....
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