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'ddhelp' cause problem with epsxe

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hey i experience a problem with epsxcutor in particular where after making a lot of changes in option then exit then change the option again. then after about 4 tries of doing the same thing, 'ddhelp have cause problem to <unknown>' would come up on my screen then i can't make any option changes in epsxcutor unless i restart my system. does anybody know how to fix this?? i'm running epsxcutor on a high-end pc (i don't think its a resources related problem) and windows me.

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I have the same problem on a high end pc with windows 98, but it usually only happens when I switch between D3D and OpenGL plugs.
This problem is known about and it is caused by the internal SPU. Are you using the internal SPU? If you are, then you can only start and stop ePSXe, whether playing a game or configuring, so may times (aroun 3 or 4) before it will crash. The only solution, right now, is to use another SPU like Null's or Petes. The ePSXe team is working on this problem and hopefully it will be resolved in the next release. BTW it has happened to me too.:(
thanx sxamiga. yes i am using the internal spu because i reckon it has less sound glitches. anyway i might consider changing the spu as well, thanx again.
Actually, to my way of thinking, the internal SPU IS the best SPU to use. It plays all the sounds in Gauntlet Legends properly, whereas the other SPUs don't and Null2's doesn't work for me at all. Unfortuneately, until this problem is fixed, it makes it very hard to use and enjoy it.:(
It's weird, but I never have had this problem with ePSXe. I use the internal SPU all the time, and believe me, in my development work, I am launching ePSXe a hell of a lot without having to reboot :)
The only issue I have with it is this: I launch ePSXe using a batch file, so I can re-direct the DOS window output to a file (in case it says something important). If I launch ePSXe as the first application after rebooting, I get a problem ... but only on the next launch of ePSXe! What happens is DDHELP keeps a lock on the file which I redirect ePSXe output to! This is f**king weird behaviour, IMHO. It means the next time I use the shortcut, I get a "Can't create file" error.
I can get round this in two ways, each way involves invoking DDHELP before running ePSXe
1. Launch any other DirectX program before launching ePSXe
2. Launch DDHELP directly, by typing DDHELP in the RUN box in the START menu.
The alternative is to use developer tool, and kill DDHELP manually.
I recommend HandleEx, from Sys Internals, which is the tool that told me DDHELP was locking the damn loggin file. With that, you can see DDHELP running in the background, and kill it without rebooting :)
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The ddhelp error most users have with epsxe does come from the
internal spu. It's some kind of timing issue, dsound is not freed properly
(the unlock command fails) when epsxe is closing.

Still it only happens on some systems (mostly with sb live sound cards and dx8).
As far as I know the sb live cards are causing an heavy pci bus traffic, maybe
it's related to that. Well, wait for the next epsxe version...
I just did some quick testing on the subject (configured and ran epsxe from epsxecutor about 6 times in a row, using dragon ball final bout).
I never got any ddhelp error, so Pete's probably right, since I have a Vortex2 sound card (diamond mx300).
Finally a similar problem, if you go into the threads, you'll find my problem well explained. And I have a SBlive, but this problem didn't ocurred when I had a voodoo3. And now I have a GTS. This problem only occurs when I have Dx8, Dx8a or Dx8.1 installed. Dx7a resolves the problem. ePSXe is more important to me than Dx8, then I'm using Dx7a now! :D

A simple test to know if it is occuring with you: Run ePSXe with Pete's D3D, then exit it, now run VGS, hehe, it will appear a exception message and VGS will close.
yes, my sound card is sb live and has DX8 on my system. so that's probably it then, the problem that causes DDHELP to come up.
i'll try what Lewpy said then i'll inform u later.
jas_kidd32, try to use others sound plugins like Pete's Midas and see if this problem occurs. I'm too lazy to reinstall Dx8 now to only see it. But you're already running with Dx8 installed. I need to know if it could be a solution!
i am running pete's midas and the problem doesn't occur anymore. i just wnat internal spu to work properly w/o causing the message to come out cos i reckon its all worth it.
I have forgotten. Other emus cause the same problem too, TR64 is an example. Use the new azimer's sound plugin in TR64, run a game and exit, then run VGS and POW.
Hyllian, yes, other emulators do have the exact same problem w/DD help. Hopefully, when DX 8.1 is released, this problem will be fixed.
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