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"DCI" emulation

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I think this is the right forum...

I'm trying to run an EXTREMELY old game designed for windows 95, but it keeps asking me for a "DCI" compatible video card driver. Does anyone know what DCI is and how to get around it if possible?
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Is it a dos game? If so, you may want to try dosbox, a dos emulator which is used to play old dos games on windows xp.
Unfortunately, it is a Windows 95 game, not DOS. I've used DoxBox for DOS games before.
Well I found this article about DCI on the net..

What is DCI?
[From: Dylan Rhodes (Formerly of Hercules)]

DCI stands for "Device Control Interface." It's an Intel/Microsoft
standard, and exists primarily as a way for Windows 3.1 to exploit the
video acceleration features of a graphics card, and/or to provide fast
video when needed -- for example, the WinG games library uses DCI.
A DCI driver exists at the same software layer as the GDI.

Among DCI's capabilities are the ability to write directly to the
frame buffer (helpful for high-speed games) and the ability to
provide for on-board hardware acceleration of video scaling (i.e.
stretching a video window to a larger size) and color space
conversion (converting the YUV format color information in a video
file to the RGB format that a typical graphics card RAMDAC expects).
Note that support for DCI features doesn't need to be in hardware --
a graphics card vendor could provide a DCI driver that allowed
Windows 3.1 apps to speak DCI, but the graphics card could be
performing the DCI functions with a software driver.

Note: with Windows 95, DCI will be replaced by an expanded interface
called DirectDraw.
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