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DBZ Sagas

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Finally,another new DBZ game :thumb: . A great co-op DBZ game.DBZ Sagas is one of the best dbz games ever made. u go threw different sagas like the Cell , or Buu, or Frieza,and more.The graphics are ok. but the good thing is what ever u do in the movies, u can do in the game.Awsome gameplay.A GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wub: :thumb: ;) :)

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Got that right!I played a little bit yesterday and I already fell into hypnosys of buying Sagas. I advise ant one who doesn't have Sagas to buy it. It's really cool!
The gameplay kinda sucks. At least that was my first impression but its fun to play with a friend or brother. It has insane special effects though. In the battle with vegeta i though i was 2 feet from a fireworks show lol.
I heard it has some nasty bugs. Is that true? Particularly one crashing the game at the second stage or so.
Already passed the second stage and didnt crash so i guess its not true:p
MetalMurphy is right no crashing or gliches on the game for me. I still think it is a great game!!
The Unknown Swordsman
emmmm... could anyone post some shots? :)
Well it "looks" very ugly :p
it looks ordinary not ugly... :p
The game is fun n1ghtw0lf :p and it has co-op. You should know not to trust rankings.
KanedA said:
it looks ordinary not ugly... :p
quite's not that ugly......but it's not great either. i've watched somebody played this game before, it reminds me of Xmen Legends with DBZ elements.
Metalmurphy said:
The game is fun n1ghtw0lf :p and it has co-op. You should know not to trust rankings.
i normally don't trust individual rankings, but the average of all of them normally gives me a better picture. But not being a fan of the show i'de have to say i wouldn't enjoy it, Just like most people wouldn't enjoy some of the crappy x-files games that have been put on the market that i've enjoyed :p.
and BTW. I'm waiting for Dragon Ball (Z/GT) Budokai 4 :D ;)
:eek: its comming? Budokai 3 is already perfect. Only more moves and characters are wellcome. They better not messup with the game play
I dunno, it was some kind of... joke ;), but I'd like to have it, with little improvements (better sidesteping, more stages, few more characters, more videos in dragon universe, also othere videos, fighters specyfications/history, maybe dragon universe from begining of whole dragon ball series (little goku anyone? :D ) it could be released on DVD9 disc :)
if you think about it, how many characters there are left? only like the villans of db and little, forgotten people in Z/Gt. Never played any of those games. Need to try.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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