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It’s 9pm.. Do you know where your Watcher is today? A nice little vacation gave ole DW the gusto we needed to slip in a console history update. To our disappointment, we were forced to work during the Classic Gaming Expo 2005. So we changed gears and began working on a spin-off to our console history site. Feel free to check out how it is coming so far:

Dark Watcher’s Handheld History

There is still much work to do, but in the meantime check out what is new here. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

* Added Nintendo Revolution, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360
* Added new SPECS sheet for PCFX and new emulator link
* Added updated FAQ for Vectrex
* Added FAQ and great site link for NUON
* Added FAQs for Atari 7800, Amstrad, and N64
* Added XavixPort (Thanks to Strizzuth for the reminder!)
* Changed Indrema page
* Many cosmetic changes (sorry for the crappy tables Mozilla users!)
* Added custom icons

Psychotic Robot Master
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well it's pretty new to me I have to admit but theres so many things I have in my Basement storage room including some old consoles which I never knew their history and now I know :D


Thats some awesome homepage Dark Watcher, I'll make sure to spread the word ;)

The Hunter
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Thanks for letting us know DW, I'm going to check the changes immediately. Your site has always been my #1 console information site :)
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