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I read a LOT of posts on forums and such about DS2 controls working wierdly or not at all. Here I am with my own set of issues I think are related to x360ce not doing its job.
My controls on DS2 are f***ed up :
• My right stick does not move the camera, in fact it tries to parry on left and heavy attack on right. Up and down does nothing
• Start button resets camera and locks enemies
• Select button does nothing
• R2 opens menu
• L2 opens emotes menu
Needless to say I can't properly play like this. BUT what unnerves me greatly is that it stays that way wether x360ce is active or not. Worse so, I tried multiple installations of the game & x360ce, ans my controller, and I figured my game controls stays the same if I don't even have x360ce on my computer.
It seems to me x360ce is not overriding standard (and shitty) imput detected by the game.
What can I do about that ?
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