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Dance Euro Mix / DDR vs. EPSXE woes :S

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I am wondering if anyone knows whether the dance mats for Dance Euro Mix or Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) games work for epsxe? I need to know before I go purchasing one of these things. Anyone know the compatibility issues, etc? Or whether it's just like any old game/joy-pad and it'll definitely work?
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they work fine as long as you have a good converter ooor you can buy the newest hard or soft pad from red octane, it has a usb plug built right in.
Beware. all the ddr games are screwed in Epsxe. The arrows are off synch by half a second or o. The only way i could get the arrows synched was using vgs.
If you like DDR and want to play in your PC try stepmania
i agree stpemania with an xbox steppad, cheap effective and you get a xbox-pc adapter outta the deal. to make the adapter search google (easy to find) for drivers look hear
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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