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damn chrono cross

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each time i try to use an element in chrono cross the emulator kick me out to the desktop, the dos window shows an error, look at the picture, thanx:
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Try a different bios? scph1001 likely. Also could you post your plug-ins/system specs?
umm yeahhhhhhh

umm yeah try a different plugin combo, it seems like your gpu plugin is crashing you bye the looks of that

if your a voodoo user use lepwys gpu (i prolly spelt that wrong) if your a geforce use Petes D3D or OpenGL
if your a crappy vid card user use petes software gpu
athlon 550, 128 ram, geforce 2 mx, 52x cdrom
plugins: pete's opengl, ioris 1.47, bios 1000
More specifically I was wondering what cd plug-in you were using. Try switching. Also try Pete's sw and see if anything happens. And try a different bios i.e. scph1001, since it has been noted that scph1001 and scph7502 are the most compatible bioses there.

damn! i tested with 1001 bios and 7502 bios, the same problem, i tried changing to software mode but the results were the same, the cdrom plugin doesn't matter cuz i'm using iso, WhyTF i can't use elements ?????
BTW i have another problem, i can't browse through my crono cross cd in the windows explorer, it doesn't show the subfolders, look at the picture:, thanx for your time
please more suggestions
Originally posted by RaTiX
please more suggestions
1) I believe you can't see the files in the CD because they're hidden, several PSX CDs are like that. You can allow hidden files to be seen in Tools -> Folder Options.

2) Have you tried making an ISO? That might help.

[]s Badaro
1) i allowed hidden files and nothing happened
2) i am currently using iso

dammit !!! help me !!!
maybe you could try building a new iso, use CDRWIN or some other utility. just remember to turn the "RAW" option on.... :D
with cdrwin and iso buster it finds a bad sector in 87% and then crashes;, with blindread it make the image succesfully after about 2 hours but it omits some scenes and movies
that error only comes up for me in some games when I use certain bios...........

it's weird how bio 1000 works alot better for me then 1001 or any other one.......even though i always hear that 1001 kicks ass......


I use nothing but 1000 and I never had 1 bios problem except for when I changed it..............

I played through chrono cross ....without a single major problem......except for that F7 fix....that I needed like twice.......
or that gfx bug for a few parts.....but nothing that didn't get solved.......
:D :fingers: :idea: :rockets:
Ok, symptoms so far:

ePSXe dies in Chrono Cross any time you try and use an element, changing the bios didn't help, changing plugins didn't help. In addition, three different disk copying programs are having trouble reading it (CDRWIN and IsoBuster are dying at 87% and BlindRead apparantly has to work around some bad sectors somewhere).

Although it seems unlikely, the directory structure that turned up in explorer is correct, or at least is consistent with what I get when I try and explore it (and I have a working ISO). The majority of the content on the CDs must not be stored and read from files, but read directly from specified sectors of the CD.

My guess would be either A) you have a faulty CD (scratched or otherwise) or B) your CD-ROM drive is having problems. To further diagnose, I'd suggest trying to make an ISO image of the second Chrono Cross CD with CDRWIN and/or IsoBuster to see if they can read it correctly, and to try running Chrono Cross from the CD instead of from an ISO (although, if the drive can't read the CD correctly, the cd plugin will likely either lockup or cause epsxe to crash when it tries to read from that same spot). You might also try running with a CD plugin that lets you disable caching, like Pete's, to prevent a readahead buffer from running into the bad spot early. Those suggestions should help you narrow down the problem further.

Oh, as a final thought, you can get a program called WinSFV at that you could use to check against your ISO image to see if it's damaged. To use it, run it, navigate to and select the directory that has the Chrono Cross iso, hit next, change the checksum file (give it a unique name, like checksum.txt), select the chrono cross iso, then hit next. It will take it quite a while to calculate a checksum for the iso, which will be stored in checksum.txt when it's done.

I made my image in IsoBuster, and as I don't have BlindRead I can't make another image in that, but my working .BIN file (736,651,104 bytes) has a checksum of A07898CC.
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if yer usin lewpy's and have set framebuffer to read/write...
change it back to read
thatz wut i did
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