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So, what's you're daily routine like? Here's mine:

1. wake up to anoying calls from bill collecters.
2. Eat, wash up, play a game like Halo or Unreal, or read.
3. Continue never ending search for a job.
4. Come home and do... somethin'
5. Listen to my mom yell for no good reason.
6. Do something C/C++ related or read a programming book.
7. Eat dinner and continue coding or whatever I was doing earler.
8. Watch Adult Swim.
9. Go to bed.

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1.) Wake up around 6:30<-- DuH
2.)chill on comp till 7
3.)Wake up bro
4.)leave for school around 7:30
5.)Classes from 8 to 12 or 4 (depending on what day it is, thurs 1 8am class, fri no classes)
6.) get home and what for dad to get home.
7.) dad gives me useless house chores
8.) Watch TV or play games till 11
9.)Watch X-play if its a good ep. (never is)

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1. Get up 8am.
2. check mail
3. Drive into the university (1 hour)
4. arrive late and sneek in up the back stairwell. Check my pigeon hole for crap.
5. Deal w/ crap
6. lunch
7. check email. Deal with new crap that has arisen during lunch.
8. 5pm Start shift in library.
9. Work on Phd on laptop whilst in on library duty.
10. Drive home (1 hour) 10pm
11. moderate forums.
12. wind down before bed.
12. sleep.

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get up at 7am
go to bus stop or get picked up at 7:30am
get to school about 8:00am
get out of school at 3:06pm
get out of parking lot at 3:30pm-4:00pm
get home about 4:30pm
go out and play tennis/badminton until 6:00pm or sit around for the rest of the night
shower at 9:00pm-10:30pm depending on how i feel
sit around and watch tv/talk on internet until about 11:00pm
lay down for bed and watch a movie or x-files until i fall asleep at 11:00pm-1:00am
watch tv and go to bed

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lessee . .

-get up sometime between 7:00 and 7:30am
-eat breakfast and shower
-go to bus stop at 8:10am
-return from school at 3:25pm
-alternate between Internet, TV, and playing Gameboy
-eat supper at 5:00pm
-alternate between Internet, TV, and playing Gameboy again
-homework at like, 7:00pm (it's dynamic really :p)
-more lazy alternation
-bed at 11:30pm

-pretty much the same until 7:00pm, in which I don't do homework and calls my girl up to hang out instead.
-go somewhere and do something for a while, time isn't static
-return back home, time also changes
-walk her home at midnight
-return home and . . . alternate between Internet, TV, and Gameboy
-bed at a rather late time

-get awakened by something at 9:00am
-go back to sleep
-get awakened by something at 10:00am
-go back to sleep
-get awakened by something at 11:00am
- . . . get out of bed
-alternate between Internet, TV, and playing Gameboy
-eat whenever I feel like it
-shower after eating
-alternate between Internet, TV, and Gameboy
-eat supper at 5:00pm
-alternate between Internet, TV, and Gameboy
-follow same Friday routine from 7:00+

-follow Saturday routine until 5:00pm
-follow Monday-Thursday routine from 5:00pm

. . . wow, my life's more repetitive than . . . uhh, something REALLY repetitive :D. Cut me some slack, there isn't much to do around here. . . at all

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1. wake up (doesn't matter what time)
2. bum a little either watching TV or just stay motionless on a couch
3. eat eat eat
4. take a bath and brush my teeth
5. dress up
6. go to work
7. work work work work and more work sigh...
8. go home (if we don't have any gimmick for the night)
9. watch some anime
10. sleep sleep sleep

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- stand up 5:30/6:30 a.m.
- brush one's teeth, looking for dress, notice thats it's late and search for a breakfast
- 6:15/7:15 a.m. go to the bus station to drive to school/work
- arrive 7:30 a.m. school/8:15 a.m. work
- be back at 4:00 p.m./6:00 p.m.
- eat, play sims, watch tv, cuddle, kiss, draw, make homework
- have a shower
- scream for a cup of cacao and sleep

weekend (mostly i'm to lazy to go out ~_~ instead of it's a birthday or a con ^^):
- wake up around 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
- scream for breakfast ^^
- scream for a good morning cigarette ^^
- boring.../TV
- have sex
- eat lunch
- sleep again for few hours
- eat supper
- play sims/TV
- phone with mum and grandparents
- play sims
- sleep
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