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Daemon Tools

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Hey, i was wondering if anyone in here has used daemon tools?
The program like created a phantom drive on my comp and i dont know how to get rid of it lol
that sounds really pathetic...
if anyone can help that would be great
and please dont bring up banned stuff in this room just so i can get my question answered
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dammit im such a <insert random swearing here> idiot...
uninstall.. now theres an idea!...
ya but it took over my default drive (D:\) and im not sure if there would be any problems in me running a pc game, like civ2 or anything
that last statement was i response to bg
would emu's still recognize it?
i prefer vgs btw
it scans them in order?
cool didnt know that
thanks a lot guys
thanx a lot everyone for all you rhelp i set the phantom drive as e: and the original as d:
2 quick questions about daemon tools tho,
- the original file was a .bin, but the phantom drive is like an entire set of folders and stuff(all hidden)
- when i ran the program, it automatically selected final fantasy tactics, the only .bin on my comp. but it runs so much faster off of the phantom drive than it used to on the normal cd rom drive, so i was wondering, if i put another one of my psx games on to the comp, would it make TWO phantom drives?
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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