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Like announced yesterday, the latest source code of the N64 emulator Daedalus has been released today. Though this code is still buggy, it should already show you the possibilities of this new release, which are certainly impressive. Here's the complete changelog of this pre-release :<ul><li>Improved Zipped rom support: Now any file over 1MB in size is checked (apparently some roms are archived without extensions).
<li>Fixed bug in Zipped rom support where various decompression errors were not detected.
<li>Memory Leak fixed: Zipfiles were not being closed after being scanned.
<li>Added over 100 combiner modes.
<li>Fixed controller "Reset" command.
<li>Fixed PAL screen scaling (aspect ratio should be correct now).
<li>Fixed texture load bug (some 8 bit textures were mis-aligned and scrambled).
<li>Fixed bug where textures were not released properly (possibly eating up video memory).
<li>Fixed texture palette CRC bug that caused some roms to reload textures each frame.
<li>Converted graphics code from DirectX7 to DirectX8.
<li>Moved graphics code to separate plugin.
<li>Added VertexBuffer support to the graphics code, to take advantage of parallelism with the graphics hardware.
<li>Fixed rom loading bug which caused a crash when roms that were not a multiple of 4 bytes were loaded. (not sure why roms shouldn't be a multiple of 4 bytes anyway)
<li>Optimised several texture decompression routines.
<li>Added Lkb's changes (up to Lkb-4.2).
<li>Lots of code tidying (e.g. use of singleton classes etc).
<li>Cleaned up debug logfile handling.
<li>Improved PIF RAM handling.
<li>Fixed OS HLE bug that would cause a few roms to hang Daedalus when inserting timers.
<li>Fixed a nasty bug where Daedalus would hang indefinitely if you tried to stop the CPU thread while it was searching for OS HLE patches.
<li>Fixed (hopefully) the IncTexRectEdge hack recquired by a few roms.
<li>Restructured source into separate directories.

<li>Lots more that has been forgotten!</ul>Woah, certainly an impressive list - though, if you want to test this as a normal user, you'll have to compile it. The requirements to do that are Visual C++ 6 with at least SP4. For more infos on compiling it, check the included readme file.

Enough babbling, time for a download : You can get the Daedalus v0.08pre1 from <a href="/download/pafiledb.php?action=viewfile&fid=132&id=2">here</a>. Big thanks to <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Emuhelp</a> for the file and the news (the official homepage is down if you didn't notice).
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