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I keep trying to change my settings so that my Saga Frontier 2 game works properly. I can't really tell you exactly which settings I tried, but the one I'm using now shows up with lines and a double screen.

I have 3 different video programs too, so I'm not sure which one is best to use.

I have Pete's D3D, DX6, and Pete's Open GL2 Driver (this one comes up with an error)

I'm using D3D because that was the one I saw was constantly recommended in the forums where I looked. The settings at the moment are

Resolution & Colors
Fullscreen mode 1024 x 768
Color depth 32bit

Texture quality: Don't care
Filtering: None
Caching type: Standard
Texture alignment fix (BOF lll): checked

Use FPS limit: unchecked
Use Frame Skip: Unchecked
Auto-detect FPS/Frame Skipping limit (on)
FPS limit (10-200): 200 FPS (off)

Off-screen drawing: None
Advanced blending: None
Alpha Multipass (opaque stuff): checked
Enable Mask bit detection: unchecked

Unfiltered framebuffer updates: checked
Color dithering: unchecked
Full VRam primitives: unchecked

I checked to see what these settings were like again and yes, there are still lines and a double screen.
double screen? post a pic
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