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D3d and antialiasing not working

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I'm sorry if there is a topic about yet, but I can't have antialising working.. Not with the plugin option, not with nvida control panel (with other pc games and emulator it works fine). Any suggestion?
I've a gf 9500m gs and t9300 @2.5Ghz processor, running Windows 7 x64.
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Ok, first i wanna say this. The emulator is open source. What you are downloading is an unfinished product. Which means, that there are bound to be some bugs here and there. So you can't come crying to us every time something doesn't work. I just wanted to get that out of the way. Not to be mean, just saying.

AA should work in the latest revision. You should try that. If you know how to compile it. Some of us don't feel like uploading it, you know. I am one of those people.
:) I'm a quiet user, but I follow the project.. and I've compiled some svn revision for my ubuntu-box sometimes; I check the svn repository like 20 times in a day, and the last revision I used is the 4363 (currently there is the 4365).
I just want to know if anybody knows the problem and solution or if it's a problem only for me, 'couse I didn't found anything about it.
Otherwise, thanks for the answer!
AA is disabled in D3D because the backbuffer needs to be lockable in the current code. This started when Ector fixed the aspect ratio. He suggested to fix the AA problem soon.
If you realy follow the svn, you were known that to make picture of games in all the screen (without black borders). Ector use a way that make antialiasing not working.
So you will have no way to have AA working.

So you have two solutions :
- wait for a correction (this is issue is really known and is worked by ector this moment, but it will take lot of time so just wait)
- use rev before this change. I don't remember what rev but you will found it i think.

Finally NO SOLUTION until correction.
ok, I've lost this change, but now I know it is not only my problem. Thank you guys :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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