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Cxbx draws on your desktop

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A while ago, I was writing some tuorials for my site. I tried one of them on Cxbx and It gave me some weird results. oO

The "poorly" commented source is below. Go ahead and try them for yourself. Run in windowed mode.
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Hmm... dosent draw to my desktop :(.

Try it agian, could have been caused by windows itself, or mabey it depens on video card.
Maybe it is an nVidia thing. It doesn't matter what xdk you are using because even if you compile with 5849 it works.

btw I tried it many times. Rebooted my computer, and it still does it. It's not really a problem, just wierd.
will try it this evening :) got both.. ati and a nvidia card
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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