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Cxbx as Main-OS

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I am not a programmer (hence I am amazed what you guys accomplished up until now...), but I do have some questions.

Is it possible to modify the XBox-OS, so that it can be installed as autonomous operating system (side by side with windows, Linux, etc.)?
I thought that having direct access to the PC-Hardware could boost performance.
Games could be read directly via flashed drives, or from ISOs appearing as drives, internally using the XBox filesystem (similar to Valve's .gcf files)
But I heard that especially graphics card drivers are one pain in the ... to modify...
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There has been mention of this kind of thing before but the general consensus has been that it would not really be feasible nor worthwhile to attempt to get this to work. It might sound like a nice idea but at the end of the day it isn't really possible.
Even though snicko is right, I'll explain exactly why that won't work.

The Xbox and PC hardware are only similar, not identical. The Xbox has multiple chipsets and specific registers that are exclusive to the Xbox only and are not found in PC counterparts. The boot process is also different and again is customized for the Xbox. Windows contains multiple drivers so that it can work across a wide range of IBM PC and VGA compatible hardware. The Xbox OS is specific to only one set of hardware. And by the time you are finished reversing the entire OS to the last detail, you could possibly have a half-way decent emulator.

Also, there's also the idea of flashing your PC with an Xbox BIOS. That also will not work for the reasons stated above. The PC and Xbox might look the same, but there's more to it then an x86 CPU, Ram and a HDD.
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