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CXBX...A few things figured out!

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Hey guys

Well, i figured out why most games don't work...Library versions...

Most of the games i own have 5849 Libraries(Doesn't look supported in CXBX). The OOVPA(Caustik's special thing) uses HLE and such for these libraries..Unfortunately, it only looks as if caustik only support up to 4627(which means, anything under 4627 will work(somewhat) and anything above will not even work)

If i could figure out how the OOVPa thing works, and how he knows what to use it for, i could work on the 5849 part.


Any ideas/suggestions/Anyone else wanna help me as well?
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Send sir caustik an email and he'll tell you how it works. If you have xdk 5849 and ida pro's flirt sdk, he'll tell you how to update it too.
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