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Here's what caustik had to say:


09.06.04 - caustik

Wow it has been a long time since an update... I haven't had much time to work on Cxbx lately, but one of these days.. in the meantime, score yourself free goodies if you havent already: ipod + TV or Monitor Not to sound cliche, but i dont usually go for that sort of thing but this one apparently works, as has been proven by lots of people.

I plan on releasing a new project to the open source world soon (check out Work-in-Progress demos over here). It will be available sometime soon in source code, screensaver, executable, winamp plugin, etc.

Oh, and also a *BETA* build because alot of people have been complaining :) (dont BUG me about bugs or totally random crashes or whatever!) - Cxbx 0.8.0-Pre2 - Yes, it plays Turok, and yes, there is a slightly new GUI.

CXBX Website:
Get 0.8.0pre2 here:
Caustik's Sirenic project:
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