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Custom save states

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Is there any way to make custom save states with ePSXe? Something along the lines of "save --> FF8 final boss.savesate" I know Project64 has this ability.
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all ePSXe save states are inside the \sstates directory. Each save state consists of a .PIC and a .000 (or .001, .002, .ect...depending on what slot it was saved in) file, with the same filename between the 2. You need to use ePSXeCutor to find the Game ID, so you can find out which SLUS_### belongs to the correct game
masque said:
I do this a lot, didn't make myself clear. I want to have custom named savestates.
I don't think that's possible......the SLUS_### label identifies the game the savestate was made in, and it is needed to load a savestate for the correct game.....changing the filename will just make the savestate undetectable by ePSXe
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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