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Ok, lets see what is on your clip board today. Go ahead and press crtl+v and post what ya got.
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=n=o=t=h=i=n=g==i=n==h=e=r=e== ;P
"When the end draws near, there no longer remain any remembered images; only words remain. It is not strange that time should have confused the words that once represented me with those that were symbols of the fate of he who accompanied me for so many centuries. I have been Homer; shortly, I shall be On One, like Ulysses; shortly, I shall be all men; I shall be dead." (from 'The Immortal')

I was in a literary search :D
lol how interesting, my comment to my latest art xD. (i always copy it because often the server goes down, when i publised art... -.-)
have fun to read... and translate xD:

__-__ omg wie anstrengend...

ich schätze mal die arbeitszeit auf rund 20 stunden mit bleistift und adobe photoshop 7.0. ^^''
nieee wieder.... ach ich tus ja doch ;)
^^ hab ja auch mal wieder ne ganze menge gelernt, und wenn mich dieser wb nicht dazu angeregt hätte, wäre mein nächstes werk (in ein paar monaten oder so...) eh bloss wieder ne sig gewurden (<< obwohl die auch ziemlich arbeit machen).

hoffentlich schlag ich mich nicht in 2 tagen oder so, weil ich häßliche flüchtigkeitsfehler finde und tröste mich dann mit den weihnachtsschockolagenresten T-T ... ;)
hmmm i should'nt post mine.. XDDDDDDD
its a link to an anima.. that is not legally obtained :)
i'll show you the one before that:
הלכתי לישון!! כסעמק זה לא שלח.. אז הנה זה שוב
Made by cloudvii .
cloudvii [at] gmail [.] com

That's what in my clipboard , actually i was working on resizing an animation , and so i pasted this on the frame and animation proberties ;)
here is the animation btw :
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I'm still there everywhere, I'm the dust in the wind.
I'm the star in the northern sky.
I never stayed anywhere I'm the wind in the trees.

Selected for Zephon after Carnage pointed out at the song.

You should edit your post Cloud, it's not that good to post your email in public in that way. Better use cloudvii [at]....:)
"Yeah, i meant processor of the same type. Not only x86, also the same core, cache etc."

Was quoting someone's post here. 90% of the time that's what my clipboard contains. That or a desktop/game image
"de maneira a k os de lvl 1 continuem a precisar de matar o mesmo nº de monstros para lvl alto"

Talking to some friends in my Lineage II guild.

Btw this is one of the bests ideas for a thread yet lol
I've seem it on another forum as well. It's nice, but only if ppl explain about it (so we can get to know something about what the person is doing atm), otherwise it's just a cheap way to boost your postcount with worthless posts IMHO.
-dota -ap -ap -ap

thats whats on my CTRL V.. from this afternoon..
have troubles remembering gamenames.. altho this one wasnt to hard..
its from War3 TFT custome game.

Playing with tables on a new helpdesk system written in ASP.NET.
Hmm.. taking shots for the records as I saw this post. This was what was in the clipboard. :p
CTRL+V = "around them without "

It's a part of a reply I was making on another thread. I do a lot of editing on my messages before posting and I cut this part out apparently:p
eh I couldnt post mine here it was part of one of my passwords...

oO Edit: Oh yeah, was looking for a song I heard on the radio by them, but couldnt find it :(
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