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Creation of ISOs

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Not sure if this is my stupidity about ISOs in general, or my stupidity in configuring the emulator.

I am having trouble running the ISO I made, at least I think I made it. Downloaded a program called ISOBuster, and extracted my copy of Breath of Fire 3, it spit out a 320 meg folder which I assumed was the ISO. I ran the emulator, chose to run the ISO, but cant seem to find any file to run in the extracted folder. Did I do something wrong during extracting, or is it something I have done wrong in the configuration?

I am using the peops plugins for graphics, sound and CDRom, and the BIOS version SCPH-1001.

I have spent the last hour trying to find what I did wrong, but for a first experiment, I have failed ;) No idea where I went wrong, any help would be greatly appretiated.
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you have extracted content of that cd, iso is an image of cd in one file (usually 1 file with *.iso *.bin extention) you have choosen wrong option, I don't want to misslead you which it should be (something like extract iso/bin RAW) because I don't remamber, I'm usually making isos with Alcohole 120% or DVD decrypter :)
The ISO is a single file with the extension '.iso', not a folder. There are other forms of CD images, such as '.bun/.cue', '.ccd/.sub/.img' and these are created by various different programs. Personaly, I'd suggest Alcohol 120% (think it has a trial), or CloneCD for making images
Ahhh, my stupidity with the ISO extract. Thanks alot, I see an extract Raw option. I will try that, and if I still stuff it up, I will try to DL Alcohol/CloneCD/DVD decrypter.
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