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Alright first, let me say that if there is a guide to what I am about to ask you, please point me there, because I haven't found it, and searches yielded nothing about my particular problem. If this is in the wrong forum section, I apologize, I'm not very familiar with this forum anymore. 9apps
My Warcraft 3: TFT recently stopped working. I have no idea why, the disc has sat in my computer since I got it (about 4 months ago) and it just will not recognize that there is a disc in my drive. It starts up (auto-play) and the drive has it there, I can access and explore it, but Warcraft will not run because "It can't detect a disc in my drive".

This has happened previously as well, 4 months after I buy the disc, the computer won't recognize it anymore. This has happened now on two different computers, and I am tired of it.

I am trying to figure out how to create an ISO of the WCIII disc and mount it so I can play without the disc. Any solutions? Any tutorials on this site I could follow?
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