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Hello everybody, this is the very first day I joined this forum, and have very small knowledge of emulators... Hope you can give me some help to get me started....
I used the Paragon CD Emulator to save an ISO of GT2 on my HDD. Its a PAL CD that I used but if the settings are in autodetect, it initializes as an NTSC and stops. If I force PAL mode again it does nothing (blank screen).
I also tried to use both NTSC and PAL bios in each case respectively and had the same result.
Maybe the CD Emu I used to create the ISO makes incompatible ISO files....
Is there any other way to make an ISO (btw I dont have a CD-R) proven to work with ePSXe?

Thanx in advance...

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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