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Crazy Question

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Just out of curiosity, if I copied a normal save file, when I say normal I mean saving in the game's menu instead of a savestate, could I copy that save file elsewhere and then if I wanted to play that game again at a future date copy it back into my VBA folder? See I've got all 3 starters for Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green in the Leaf Green game now. I'd like to go the other way have all 3 starters in a Fire Red game too but I really don't want to lose my current Fire Red game. So could somebody please tell me if that's possible or not?
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thats what the export and import battery item is for in the file menu ;)
Oh so THAT what's that's for?! I've always wondered! But would it still work if I just physically copied back into the VBA folder too?
yep, as long as the Rom and Sav file have the same name
Thanx, Squall! ;v)

*kisses his cheek
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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