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Crazy post date??

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I just saw a duplicate thread, and was going to warn the poster about it.
Then, when i saw the post date, i said - hey thats the oldest post i ever seem around the whole internet...
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lol wow, is that a post about woodstock or something?
Yeah I noticed some posts around 1970 as well. IIRC I send bobbi a pm about it back in April.
Hmmm... Kellicros... 69.... makes sense....?
Just noticed 69 looks like Cancer sign.
Yeah noticed this ever since the change to the CMS for ngemu after the server was restored.

Course I don't know how Bobbi has it setup or coded for NGEmu but I have written my own code for inserting news posts into vbulletin from my external news posting script and it is very simple. Not sure why Bobbi has so many problems with it. The post dates don't show right on the post as well as the forum view and the post formatting seems to have way to many carriage returns (breaks). For the time he should just do a (rename time variable name to whatever he uses) ..

$timevariablename = time();

Then when entering the 'dateline' variable for vB just use the variable I listed above when entering it into the mysql database.

Course like I said I don't know how he has it coded so the above suggestion might not even matter to his code.
Funny date. Maybe they were still discussing if the moon landing was real :p
What's more hillarious is that the post was posted before the poster even joined :p :rotflmao:
Time travel rules :p .
Hey Kellicross, are you 50 or something like this? Otherwise you wouldn't be able to post in 1969 :p

I wonder how fast were the connections back then :p
In fact 1969 is the year when ARPANET connected its first four nodes (Standford University, Santa Barbara University, Los Angeles University and the University of Utah Lake City) with a whooping 50kbps dedicated connection!!!1! :p
Happy New Year dude, May you have many years to come :p
WOW, 50kbps :drool:

Anyway, I didn't know that ARPANET began in 1969. But TCP/IP only became widespread in the 80s, IIRC.
Yeah, but the TCP/IP version that became public and for general use was version 4. This and previous versions were developed by the military for ARPANET since 1973. Before that ARPANET used a protocol named NPC (Network Control Protocol) which only allowed communication between machines in the same LAN (which wasn't much of a problem considering that in 1973 there were only ~23 nodes ^_^; )
wow an old post and some background knowledge... i like this thread already
eheheh 1969 lmao =D cool year though :p
I never thought it was going to make so much hype...
keep on going the history class...
Great, I do not even need to mention anything and they are already going through the history. :p
wow, I didn't know that ngemu has existed for that long :heh:
Ngemu began on ARPANET. It’s actually part of conspiracy involving the DoD :p
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