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ok, i know you all probably hate it when someone joins up to ask stupid questions; so i'm sorry but thats just whats about to happen.

Ok so i actually have been using the emu for a long time now but due to a series of events it hasn't been on my laptop for a wail and i just downloaded the newest version and am trying to play Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.

Now i checked and i know that it is suppose to run nicely on neonds so thats not the issue, and i've used it on this computer before so i know it can handle it. but as soon as i load the rom and hit run it just closes, no error prompt or message. it just closes. poof

any thoughts on what i might have done wrong?
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perhaps you used the incorrect savetype?

Sorry but it's been ages since I tested NeonDS but even then I don't remember this occuring to me so I am afraid I can't really help and very few people use this emu due to lack of sound and various problems it has with other games so it's unlikely you will get much more feedback than this. Just about everyone uses DeSmuME or no$gba these days with a couple of people using iDeaS.
nope i'm using the right save type, i also tried all the others just to be sure

perhaps i'll just try one of those other ones instead.
There is no save file. He's trying to load just the game before a save file even enters into the equation.
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