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Only thing is, now my ePSXe won't/can't even load up the disc. I click Run CDROM, and when i gets into fullscreen mode, it simply shuts down. When I run windowed mode, I get the illegal operation problem.

My plugins are:
Pete's PSX D3D (DX6) Renderer:
-full screen 640X480 16 bit

-quality: R4 G4 B4 A4 Fast, but less colorful
-Filtering: standard w/o sprites unfiltered 2d
-caching type dynamic

SHow fps at startup enabled
Use fps limit enabled
Auto detect FPS/Frame skipping enabled

Off-screen drawing: standard
advanced blending: hardware
framebuffer textures: black
alpha multipass enabled
Mask bit disabled.

unfiltered framebuffer updates
color dithering
special game fixes - g4 polygon cache

i'm using the:
Scph1001.bin USA bios
Null2's audio driver 1.3
Pete's CDR ASPI/IOCTL driver 1.8

My system is a:
Intel Pentium Celeron 333MHz
192 SDRAM P100/P133
Ati Rage Pro Turbo (Xpert '98) 8MB
I know hte system is crap, but it was running fine for a week, and now it suddenly doesn't work... any ideas/suggestions for plugins/changes?

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hmm, try other gpu plugins like pete's software plugin or pete'd3d dx7 one.
also, try to disable the hardware advanced blending and put it to "disabled" to see if it works.

btw, are you sure it was the same ff9 cd? if yes, maybe it is scratched; try to make an iso file from it and run this one w/ epsxe.
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