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Old Software, New Problem. I have epsxe installed on my own pc with plugins I've used for a long time (All the ones on the plugin page on this site are on). I had to rebuild my pc and therefore reinstall (if it can be called that) epsxe. Firstly it wants a WNASPI32.DLL file, which I was able to find. seems to refer to Nero, and then upon completion of setup, I can run it once and the shut down.

When I open back up again and try to re-run, it crashes with the usual XP error message (epsxe has encountered a problem and needs to close!). This is fixed however by rerunning the setup wizard, and only the setup wizard, checking the settings manually does not work. I have also put it on a friends pc and it acts the same. I have this result with the old files which I saved before the xp re-install and with all new ones downloaded from this site.

Please don't ask for the plugin set I use because there isn't a webserver big enough to hold the combinations. I've been trying this for a month now. At my wits end.

Anybody any answers.
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