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crash team racing

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G'Day fellas!
Can anyone tell me if you can get the PAL version of this game to run on the new version of far i've had no luck and i've used a ton of combinations.No luck even with some of the combo's in this forum.....any help much appriciated!!!
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Well,3 or 4 days ago,someone asked about this,later he found out himself that by pressing buttons like crazy made the game work so give it a try(it worked for me,thanks to that person,can't remember his name though).
OK,just found his name,he's Havoc,so THANK YOU HAVOC!!!;)
i can get the game to its title screen where you can select either, arcade-time trial-adventure mode...but when the game goes to load (and "loading" scrolls across the screen) ePSXe packs up and quits
any ideas?

866 pentium, 128 ram, tnt2 card
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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