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i have CTR us version and i cant get this game working, i start the game the appears the sony screen and hear the sound but nothing more happen, i just wait 3 minutes and all i can hear is crash talking, please help all gpu plugins do the same

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my configuration is:

P3 800
40 Gbytes HD
intel810 card
sidewinder gamepad
teac 32x cdrom or liteon 48x

an i use the next plugins:
pete d3d v1.48 , pete soft, kazzuya, pete dx6 d3d
internal spu, null2 1.35
internal cdr
bios 7001,1001

pete config: 640x480 fullscreen
od: 1
fb: card buffer
palette: 55551 filtering: extended
mask bit on
color dithering on
fps limit: on
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