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Crash Team Racing problem

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I have the US NTSC version.

All I get is a black screen with random sound from the game. Tried several plugins, nothing. It works in VGS, but it's soooo ugly! :)

Any input guys?

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Works good for me. Any system specs, and your configuration for everything in ePSXe would be helpful.
Crash Team Racing

Well, my system is:

Geforce2 GTS (latest drivers - 12.41 I think)
Vortex2 sound card

I tried every sound and video plugin (even CD-ROM, also tried running an ISO of the game), of course not ALL the possible combinations. :D Do I have to enable some special fix, like accurate CD-ROM timing, or some hack? I have the original CD.

Damn, this game is really fun, and in VGS it looks so ugly. Well, at least it's playable.

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Hrm..... is 'offscreen drawing' set to 3? Er... I have accurate CD Timing turned on, I don't know if you need it for CTR but I have it on..... hmm...
Crash TR

Yes, no luck.

Could you post all your plugin settings to me? That way I can try to replicate them and see what happens. Just to be sure, you have the US NTSC version of the game, right?

Thanks a lot.
Yes. NTSC/US version. Hmm.... what BIOS are you using, if your not already using 1001 try using that BIOS.

Thanks. I got it working now. If I keep pressing buttons, the graphics show up after a while. Then everything is ok.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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