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crash team racing & destruction derby 2

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A Speedy question for all the PSX racers


I've tried every graphic plugin (Pete OpenGL, Direct3D, Soft...) and every sound plugin (Iori, epsxe's internal, Pete...), but Crash Team Racing don't work.

There's a little sound bug at the beginning, but i managed to get through (just pick the Iori or the Pete SPU plugin and check the SPU IRQ hack option).:wink:

But when i want to race, the emu is crashing with a bad opcode 27 when the game shows LOADING (i'll kill u mr opcode!!!!!!!!!!!:rockets: )

So please help me and i'll give u a full crate of Wumpa fruit.
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i cant use the Lewpy Glide plugin because my graphic card is not a 3dfx card, i have a GeForce 2 Mx. :sad:

I think you can use Iori sound plugin or Eternal SPU plugin to solve your sound plugin.

Anyway, thanks for your help! ;)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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