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grrrr... I started using chankast today and the first time I used it I loaded up my MvC2, the first time it worked fine but since then I keep trying to load it and it crashes everytime at the capcom part, wahts wrong? I have seen in other forums that this happens "rarely" but everytime doesnt seem that rare, what do you to do get the emulator to work right?

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it could be everithing hardware (gfx card ,rams ,cpu)
or software os, drivers,anot properly dumped bios
try to change whatever u can change if nothing works
its version 0.25 thank god other games even boot look at ps2 emulation
pcsx2 is now ver 0.7 and there is no game half fully playable
igues we just have to wait for another release (it's been a long time since we heard from the chankast guys )
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