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I also have this problem...

I start the game, choose language, choose adventure mode, 1 player, watches the video, there's a loading screen and then it crashes:

I use my personal PAL version of the game.

I tried to run the game from CD and from ISO, no difference whatsoever.

I tried to use ePSXe 1.6 and 1.7, almost no difference, just worse sound in 1.6, some sound also disappears sometimes after a second or two.

I also tried different GPU plgu-ins...
What I got out of that was pete's OGL2 didn't extend the screen to full size, rather a small window in the game!

I tried to change some settings in the gpu plug-in, no difference that I could notice.

I use Windows XP, and my graphic card is GeForce 8800 GT

Hopefully this is enough information and that there's a solution for this now! =)

EDIT: I've tried with several other emualtors n stuff too, just won't work...
And as I said earlier, it happens when you're going to the main room in adventure mode.
I can play just fine in battle mode etc, just isn't the same! >_>
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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