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Crash Bandicoot 2

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I am new to PSX emulation, and have a 'small' question!!

I try to save in Crash Bandicoot an it tells me that first there is no card tehn it is checking format, then finds a mem card, but before I can do anything it starts to check format again and again and again!!!!

Help me!! the game runs fine apart from saving :(
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try pressing f4, it fixed some saving problems i've had with mmx5 or the game not respoding at points.
:) :) thanks for the advice, it worked a charm!! PSX emulation is fantastic wiith ePSXe!! :D

Saving works fine, but now there is one little bug, when using the pad to turn whilst riding the little jet boat thingy, right = right, and left = right (at odd moments!!) I yes I have checked for conflicts in the controls, and there are none!!!!!! Is there a ways to fix this?!!
try using a joy2key utility
I have never heard of a joy2key utility?!! :confused: is it part of ePSXe or something extra to download!!?
um if u need to find plugins just search for playstation emulator plugins(kind of long but it's worth it!)
and there was me thinking I had enough plugins (I have 63 plugins!!!!) (found a download pack at, but I don't know where in ePSXe to configure the plugin used for control!! (the URL needs typing in a new window for some reason!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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