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Crappy Day Today Is

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My sister's in the hospital, my parents are out of town, didn't even bother to lend me some money, there's nobody left home except me and there's no f***ing food on the fridge 'cept a lousy carton of milk (2 weeks old. Gross!). Plus power outages every other f***ing hour. How's that for a lousy day?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts sorry to hear about that, man. :( i guess not even your computer will save the day, huh?

...anyway, didn't you just win some cash from millionaire? why do you need your parents for cash then? why don't you just have a pizza delivered or something? :confused: just curious, since you just won a ton o' cash....
Originally posted by Asz
You could always gather your friends and dance on the street corners for money! ;)
in our country Bad_Burn and his pals would only get laughed upon by doing that. :p
hmmm, maybe in San Juan, during fiestas. :D but seriously, dancing in the streets for money isn't exactly an ideal way to get free money here. :p you can get more by looking pathetic enuff; i.e. wearing rags, looking filthy, y'know, that sorta stuff mendicants do. :p
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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