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OK, I downloaded PCSX2 and i have all the right plugins and the BIOS. I put the ISO as Kingdom Hearts II and then i clicked run CD/DVD. A message popped up. It says that my CPU doesn't support SSE 3.01, after I click OK on that message the PSCX2 closes, leaving me unhappy. I'm not a pro with computers or anything, so i'm not sure if i have the right requirements.

I have:

- XP
- 1 GB RAM
- AMD Athlon (tm) 64 Processor
- 3000+
- 2.00 GHz

Why doesn't it work? What do i have to do to make it work?

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I believe u will have to resort to using speed hacks, if u don't have version 0.9.6 of pcsx2, download it at - News and use some speed hacks to speed up the game a bit. in GSDX, check the native box and make sure to turn on MTGS mode in the CPU tab.

keep in mind that using speed hacks may make the game unstable or unplayable, so use it wiesely, turn on one speed hack at a time to see which one 'causes the issues.

Another way to speed up the game would be to OC ur processor, but I doubt u have the necessary stuff to do it.
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