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Originally posted by carnage179
I've really got to watch more anime, I dont watch any now :p I was watching an epesode of the old transformers show, I loved it.
I also like the old ghostbutster.
Old old ghost busts or the "real" ghostbusters, there was two ghost buster shows, one was a little known TV show that was around before the "real" ghostbusters that only had 3 ghostbusters and no slimer :(
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That would be about 3:30 for me, I'll look it up in the tv guide.

I've been wondering, what age group are you in? it ok if you dont tell, but I just want to see how old you can be a still like that kind of stuff?

1-10 yeah, right
11-18 preteen to tenager
19-30 young adult
31-40 weird, about to have stroke or midlife crises
40-55 40 to 55, loseing his sex drive, it's middle age man
55-dead mogie or gezzer
1 - 20 of 64 Posts
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