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Couple Questions

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I am interested in how CXBX works, and how any emulator for that matter...

If I understand it right, which I doubt I do, CXBX reads the XBE files, then when it sees the given code, translates it to D3D to display onscreen. How can it translate other code then like the actual engine? I am quite unknowledgeable of how emulation works and for that I apologize. I am learning C++ as fast as I can, but I haven't quite got to the "Learn to make an xbox emulator" part of the book yet.
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Computertrendy said:
Not only do you have to be familiar with the C++ language, but you have to be familiar with D3D functions/calls and you have to know exactly what the system you are emulating is doing. It takes time and a lot of effort and troubleshooting.
Adding to what computertrendy said, the Xbox has sort of an "extended" version of Direct3D. So there are a few more functions in it's COM interfaces. Also don't rush yourself learning C++, take your time and you will learn better and feel more at ease :p
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