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Could it happen without DSP plugin ?

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Hey all ... first , sorry for my English !! :D

some games maybe run good on graphic part ,
but the worst of it is that audio not emu well , just noise .

I had a question about " DSP plugin must exit when Dolphin is working? "

If these game like FIRE EMBLEM RADIANT DAWN etc.
before had perfect Plugin_DSP_HLE to emu ,
all we can do is turn off the volume .

What is worse is the ONLY choice to run game with Plugin_DSP_LLE .
and i know , the Plugin_DSP_LLE real bad .. it is nothing but
slow down FPS and noise forever.

In a word , Could it happen without DSP plugin checked ?
( i had tried delete all DSP plugin and rewrited config.ini , still failed)

Someone could direct how modify Dolphin to skip checking DSP plugin ?

My silly idea giving up the Audio then speed up more FPS .
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what about to change the audio backend in the DSP-HLE settings to nullsound
That will still have an impact on FPS and possible emulation hangs... I also look for a way to do this.
Its not a good idea to disable audio emulation
My silly thinking is
" A game could be played , it must have the graphic screen , even if when it's working without any audio"
relatively , you can't play a game just with audio but no screen ! it should be named MP3 (music) ...

just i know , Dolphin developed sides , the graphic problem (OpenCL / DX9) fixed faster than audio side. cause audio really a difficult bafflement .

So ... it's gutty for me that some game playable but worst audio effect..

i just want got rid of Audio then catch more +FPS for now until the DSP_Plugin (sound) of the game Fixed someday by someone.

= = || it really difficult for me to translate Chinese into English in my brain .. sorry all men!

can i type Chinese Big-5 ?
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