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Could ePSXe help with broken disk? (FF9)

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I'm new to these forums...but a while ago I bought FF9 used (note the word used) from Gamestop or someplace...turns out the 3rd disk was corrupted and it wouldn't load. If I burned it to the computer...would it help fix it? I'm reading up on all this stuff with PSX and its very confusing so I want to know if this will even help me or not.
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The Basic question is...can running my games on my computer with a corrupted disk even help?
Thanks...I think it will work cause only 1 FMV and the shops are broken.
Ok...I've fixed everything...the game runs...but I'm playing it off of the CD. It still freezes/crashes when I try to do the things that are corrupted. I don't understand the image system. Using Alcohol 120%, I burned an MDF image with "playstation" settings and the "ignore error" thing...but ePSXe won't play it. I'm using Pete's D3D plugin instead now. I'm using ePSXe v1.52 What's wrong? Does ePSXe even play .mdf files? cause it doesn't look for them when I'm looking for the images.
I've Fixed everything (I just had to tweak the CD Plugin a little)! Everything works now and the graphics look even better then what the Playstation does. I want to personally thank every single one of you people. Thank you all! Now the only problem is that I'm playing with a keyboard...... *hug hug* :rotflmao: :D :rotflmao: *hug hug* Thank you all! You guys are the best!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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