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Could ePSXe help with broken disk? (FF9)

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I'm new to these forums...but a while ago I bought FF9 used (note the word used) from Gamestop or someplace...turns out the 3rd disk was corrupted and it wouldn't load. If I burned it to the computer...would it help fix it? I'm reading up on all this stuff with PSX and its very confusing so I want to know if this will even help me or not.
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FF9 needs a ppf patch for using with ePSXe (or it was needed long time ago when I
played it ^^).
Mount the mdf image in your virtual alcohol DVD-device the you can start it from
ePSXe via Open CDROM. But like I said there is a ppf file needed if I´m not wrong.
If you only have demo version of alcohol or you don´t want to use it any longer
go to e.g. there you can get a virtual cd/dvd tool which is
able to mount most known iso formats and it´s free.

As for playing with keyboard, simply get a 10 button controller for your pc ;)
Or get a adapter for your psx controller (I personally prefer my
computer´s gamepad as I don´t like psx controllers much but that´s only
my opinion ;))
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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