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Could ePSXe help with broken disk? (FF9)

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I'm new to these forums...but a while ago I bought FF9 used (note the word used) from Gamestop or someplace...turns out the 3rd disk was corrupted and it wouldn't load. If I burned it to the computer...would it help fix it? I'm reading up on all this stuff with PSX and its very confusing so I want to know if this will even help me or not.
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It depends on how bad the disc is, you can try making an image file aka ISO out of it. If you are able to do that successfully, chances are pretty big it'll work. If the disc is really damaged though, even running with computer won't help much.
hushypushy, do you know what disc repair product they used? I need to get myself one, but all the ones I've looked at got *very* mixed reviews.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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