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core i7 920?

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Right now I use an e8400 core 2 duo (3ghz) for dolphin and can get 50 fps on brawl. (no overclocking)

I am going to sell this computer and build an i7 rig. Might i still be able to get similar results?

if not. how much work is it to overclock? i have no idea how to do it. i really would like to not overclock if i can because i want this to be stable and long lasting.

also. right now I am using the 64 bit dolphin for brawl. will 32 bit work just as well?
my brother has a pc with a 3.16 ghz core 2 duo. will it work for brawl? it has a 32 bit os.
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I have an e8400 myself, and I run it at 3.8-4.3 ghz.

Just overclock, dont throw your money away on new hardware with simler and sometimes worse results.

Overclocking is easy, there are numerous tutourials every where. 4ghz on an e8400 is 444 x 9, set the vcore to 1.37, then work your way slowly down o the lowest voltage that's stable.
i7 is the bomb and will destroy anything on the market at the moment, but bang-for-buck wise, the Core 2's still win.
And e8400 is the best choice. It could be the best for Dolphin. But I'm not a judge :)
well the point is. I already sold my core 2 duo.
can a q6600 2.4 ghz quad play it full speed? 64 bit os.
im not going to buy one, but i have one at my house that i can use till i get a new compy.

But really. Does anyone know if a i7 920 can play it as well as an e8400?
Dolphin only recognize Dual Core, so performance of your q6600 would be a little less than e8400 ;)
I have corei7 920 OC 3.6 Ghz (very easy 44°c) and it works very good with the last dolphin rev (55 fps for SMBB).
i7 is superior to any CPU on the market, but currently you won't see much difference in dolphin( i7 920 @ 2.9 is slightly slower than e8400 @ 3.6, around 5-10 fps depending on a game). Speaking of PC games, only GTA4, Crysis and probably Mirrors Edge can really use its resources.
I can't tell you for me I have the new config of all my computer but you speak just about CPU
how do you think a stock clocked i7 920 would could compare to a stock clocked e8400?
Overclocking is easy, there are numerous tutourials every where. 4ghz on an e8400 is 444 x 9, set the vcore to 1.37, then work your way slowly down o the lowest voltage that's stable.
Not for me :(. Even at 1.40 of vcore prime95 fails.
clock for clock, i7 is 15-30% faster.
+1 i'm agree
core i7 920 is a great processor, I have mine overclocked to 3.8ghz on thermaltake spin-q fan!!! core i7 920 is great cause you can make it more powerful than intels core i7 extreme chip sets. when you increase the core i7 920 ghz, you increase the qpi transfere speed as well. core i7 is only suppose to handle upto 6.4gt, my cpu at 3.8ghz its qpi speed is at 6.8gt. temps are very good(core i7 920 defult is 4.8gt). triple channel ddr3 memory is fast as hell, so be prepared to be blown away at how fast your programs load compared to ddr2 dual channel. it may be on the pricey side, but the best part is intel is planning to release a octo core cpu sometime in the future with 8 cores, and 16 threads with hyperthreading. it will be compatabile with the 1366 socket which is the core i7. so your pretty much set for a logn time if you get the core i7 920. (the octo core info was from maximumpc magazine at the end of the phenonm II review and comparing it to all the current cpus)
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i7 is a better CPU than e8400 in every way. Those who say that you will not notice the difference have not done their research, it is a monster. If you can afford an upgrade don't hesitate. You will see some improvement on Dolphin - just like I see some improvement if i overclock my c2d from 2.5 to 3.0. Faster processor = faster Dolphin. it's simple really :D
i got Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU [email protected] 2.50Hz is this good ?

i can run SMBB with 50-60 FPS but the game somtimes run slowly or crash ...
Really ANY C2 or above processor is fine for Dolphin. 50-60fps is normal. I had ok performance with an e2160. Overclocking makes a difference. Getting a higher end proc makes a difference. But what you have is fine.
i7 takes a dump on any CPU on the market... :thumb:
If you are buying a procesor thinking on Dolphin.. forget it.

If you are buying a procesor thinking on new game releases, dont do it, cuz prices will drop soon, and ATM there is only 2 o 3 games that really uses x4 tek, GTA4, Crysis, and 1 more dont remember.

Conclusion, dont do it...
The one you forgot was Far Cry 2
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