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Correct settings?

Hey everyone. :) I just got into using ePSXe a few days ago and love it so far, but I'm wondering if I have my settings correct and hoped some of you could help me out. Here's some info:

Relevant System Info
1.2Ghz Tbird
256mb RAM
Leadtek GeForce2 Pro/32mb
SB Live!

ePSXe Settings
Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.50
Fullscreen, 1024/32b
R8 G8 B8 A8, no filtering, Caching type 2
Use FPS limit (Auto-detect)
Off-screen drawing 2, Framebuffer 2, all 3 of the extra right boxes

I'm including a screenshot at the end of this post. My questions are, the backgrounds sort of look like mid-90's Sierra games (King's Quest, etc.) and are not at all when I'd expected from a PSX game. Do I have something set wrong? Also, any polygons in the game (character models, battle scenes, etc.) seem to undulate or wiggle all the time, like they're made out of water or alive. Is that normal? Everything looks like it's a really low res too, pixelated, and the text is horribly fuzzy and hard to read. (I don't mean to complain, I just want to know if I'm doing something wrong.)
I've tried ChronoCross and FF:Tactics so far. FF:T looks pretty good, but CC has the three graphical elements listed above. Just wondering if there's anything I'm missing to make them look better. I really appreciate any help you guys could give. :)

CC Screenshot

(Sorry about the half-title, but for some reason it won't post the whole "Correct settings?" title...)
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P3 533 Mgz
voodoo 3 3000 with DX 7.0 support
128 RAM

your sys. is more powerful then mine but i've use 1280X1024, and i use Petes D3D plugins, i only use about 75% of what the epsxe can really do because my sys. couldn't handle the rest of the other 25%, i suggest you might want to try it on 100% since your sys. is more stronger then mine. believe me, the graphic will not dissapoint you, even mine is only 75%, i've play Street Fighter EX plus A hours just for the graphic enhance
Try what on 100%? I don't understand what you mean when you're referring to percentages... ;)

First of all, it s a dead link man...

but i think i see what u mean,
It s the pixellisated background isn t it?
if it is, do not worry. U haven t done smthg wrong, it s simply as a psx renders it.
The TV screen optimize it, but the monitor isn t like a tv (I guess u already know it tough) so u have 2 solutions:
1) The filtering:

Lookin' much better but they re tiles.

2)The scanlines :

just try to renders it as a normal tv but way too dark

or u just have to stuck w/ it
find ur prefered way to play on epsxe
(BTW, i play w/ scanlines)

Try to get Pete s OGL 1.51 tough
The psx blending seems to be perfect in this one.
It should be nice w/ ur geforce 2 ;)

Oh and try the Heavy caching type for the textures.
W/ the computer of urs, perhaps it could be beter than the dynamic caching...

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Doh :)

Thanks for your help. :) I don't know why the screenie isn't working, it does from mine but I've heard that a lot of people can't access NBCi/XOOM sometimes.

I tried out the filtering and it makes the backgrounds a lot smoother but there is that weird tile effect. I'll try the other stuff next.

Any idea why the polygons might be wiggling the way they do? Is it something with the particular game?

Next time, Try to post ur snapshot w/ the file attachment command (just below the options box) ;)

And do not worry for the wiggling effect.
I ve got it too.
But I can t answer why. I ve forgotten it.I m really sorry

Alright! :) I'll attach it to this one then, even though it's kind of after the fact... but still. :) And just pretend the polygons are wiggling, maybe someone can still help me out with that one.

play at 640x480 res....... turn on 4xFSAA on your geforce card advance options..... go into petes ogl gpu options and "select device" on top right... enable full screen flipping..... You should get pretty good 2d and 3d graphics with this setting..... enable bilinear filtering without sprites(The FSAA will fix the 2d stuff so you don't need to filter them, just the 3d stuff)........ here is a shot of the exact same place using this setting...... is the shot.... this is on a voodoo 5 5500 agp so yours may not look exactly like it.......
Hang on a sec, where are you going into Pete's OGL and setting things like screen flipping? I went into ePSXe, chose Video, chose to configure Pete's, but I don't see anything related to what you're saying. :) And is there anyway to enable FSAA for just ePSXe without having to turn it off for every other program each time? As for filtering, it doesn't say bilinear or trilinear, just Standard and Extended (w/ or w/out sprites). I'm using Pete's 2.51 plugins.

Morgan19, I think that fivefeet8 is referring to Lewpy's GPU instead of Pete's, sice he is using a Voodoo 5 card and these use Glide, not OGL which Nvidia (GEForce) cards use. that is probably why you can't find screen flipping when using Pete's plugins
That would make sense. :)

By the by, does ANY one have any idea why the polygons are jiggling? Now that I think about it, it's happened in a couple PC games too, so if anyone knows ohow to fix it I'd appreciate it. :)

Originally posted by Morgan19
That would make sense. :)

By the by, does ANY one have any idea why the polygons are jiggling? Now that I think about it, it's happened in a couple PC games too, so if anyone knows ohow to fix it I'd appreciate it. :)

It all about perpsective correction :(
No boday can't help with it,it is one of the mistake by PSX itself...........
In this moment nobody can do perpsective correction for PSX to fix it
oops........ ok sorry about that...... that screen flipping option is just in petes d3d pluggin not the ogl one..... I believe FSAA is used without the need for that option in petes ogl pluggin(but his d3d pluggin does require that option enabled to do FSAA)..... Just enable FSAA in your graphics cards advanced properties...... try either standard without sprites or extended without sprites..... As long as you don't filter sprites the FSAA will blur those to make it less pixelated..... You should check my Legend of Mana shots using this setting.... Makes the 2d look great......
Motion-blue effect =(

Now I've noticed one last problem. Every so often in battles the screen will look like it's being motion-blurred horizontally, like two extra copies of the screen shift to the left and right quickly and then move back to normal, so everything gets "dizzy" for a moment. It only seems to happen in battles, and although I haven't noticed any pattern it tends to do it when the camera's moving around, I think. What's going on?

And out of curiosity, does FF9 do the jiggling/water-polygon effect too? I'm thinking of getting that one next, but it'll be a let down if the all the polygons can't stop writhing...

not for me it doesn't....... Looks great and runs great..... Just the sound effects are off a little but I don't really mind..... its just a few clinks here and there while in battle......
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