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cooperation chance

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For the man who written "No$gba Gameboy Advance / Nintendo DS Emulator Homepage".

We could like to have a good cooperation with you. please make contact with us through my email. thank you!! :thumb:

[email protected]
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...this section is not a billboard.
Martin works 'alone' btw (meaning the sourcecode of no$gba remains in his sole posession).

What kind of 'cooperation' was hoped for, if its not indiscrete? Or alternatively, why should he contact you?
That and he rarely go to this forum anyway. Plus, none of us has any clue to what has become of Martin.
even gona be my master

I do interested in this area, but the acadamic in my country is pretty poor, I hope to get a bit community with you and I can learn more and more. thank you
Learn the coding/ hack you mean? Well, there's a lot people here that are very good at it and not necessarily Martin. Might as well try asking some of them. But if the resources are scarce in your area (China is big right?) at least you can try looking up in google, seeing that you do have internet.
The opensource Desmume would be the better bet in that area, given how it radically improved compared to the past and performs pretty well compared to no$gba..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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