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Cooler: stock fan from AXP 2400+ or Vulcano 7?

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The temp here are pretty good here using my stock fan from my old 2400+ on my 2600+, 43 idle and 51 full load.
I happen to have a vulcano 7 lying around here, should i bother trying it?
This weekend ill do a full clean-up on my pc, both hard and soft...
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I say try it out and see if the temperature is better.
I find they are noisy buggers. Both my Volvano 7 and Venus 7 are really noisy and not significantly cooler.
I say stay with the stock one. With my volcano 7 I have a 50~60 C full load and 50~52 idle. And it's noisy. So stay with the stock one. It's less noisy right?
It makes no noisy at all.
I mean, at night, i can barelly hear the pc is on, coz most of the time, i have a fan aimed at me, since it gets @ 27C at night!!
Man, my city is simply HOT! :angry: :angry:

Ill just try it, but looks like ill stay with my stock fan...
Yeah, ill try to sell it around here.
My temps arent high, so ill stay with my stock fan...
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