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Is there an expiration time on the cookie for emuforums? It may just be my computer, but for some reason the site wouldn't acknowledge my cookie yesterday and the day before. I'd log in on the general forum, come here, try to reply, and it would ask me to log in again. When I do, it takes me back to the general forum and everything starts againl. I have no idea how I've managed to log in today, but I'm definitely keeping the cookies turned on. Can anyone help?
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i have the same problem, sometimes it automatically logs-on, sometimes not, sometimes when i want to reply it asks me to re log-in although i wuz already logged on before using the cookie..., but well, i don't really mind it that much...
I see that your patience is a helluvalot better than mine :D
are you using IE6? i hear it has problems related to cookies.....
well when you get to be my age... you'll get patient a bit more... AHHHH ME BACK EECKKS...!! :D:D:D
are you using IE6? i hear it has problems related to cookies.....
Yup. I was quite eager to download version 6, but now I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe I'll go back to 5.5 :D:D:D
If you are using ie6 you need to diable the privacy settings for this forum to work correctly. Damn M$

P.S. Nice signature.
Cheers. The ironic thing is that it has been proven in quite a no of posts.
A nice example would be ps2 vs. gamecube.
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